These elements are the foundation of the principles that lead to successful communication and participation of stakeholders, users, parties and people. This
Principles through several strategic actions that provide participation and commitment to achieve a strategic framework of government in exile and the country
Does, becomes practical. The general structure of communication and interaction is shown in Figure 2. By implementing actions (and their countermeasures)
Achieving these four elements will be possible, which in turn will bring important and lasting national results and benefits for the country.

These results include the following:

Increasing awareness and active participation in the process of strengthening information management and the country –

Increase trust in government information, confidence and increase it for use in government and stakeholders –

Further synergy with the private, scientific, academic and research sectors, leading to increased opportunities, innovation and
There will be successes.

Increase participation, awareness, the possibility of participation and involvement in national and geographical policies and programs, and positive relationships within the government and between the government and stakeholders that lead to greater efficiency.

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