suicide of workers in Iran; An economist says this is the most acute way of protesting the disturbances

09 January 1402

Following the suicide of several Elamite workers, an economist considered “self-destruction and suicide” to be one of the “most severe” ways of protesting the disturbances caused by “wrong economic policies”.

Hossein Zaghofer, an economics expert and university professor, in a conversation with “Dideban Iran” website, listed economic and social policies as the root cause of suicides in Iran.

According to this report, six petrochemical workers committed suicide in the last two years.

According to Hossein Zaghofer, Ilam province is one of the most deprived provinces and has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

In part of his statement, this economist called the establishment of a petrochemical plant in Ilam one of the country’s biggest planning mistakes.

Petrochemical workers of Chavar Ilam say that the manager of the factory started a mass dismissal and told 13 workers that they are no longer needed.

The critical living conditions of the workers have caused more dissatisfaction among the workforce in the society, and the workers of various units have started protest gatherings to pursue demands such as “implementation of the job classification plan”, “utilization of job benefits” and “payment of arrears”.

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