In this model of government, attention is paid to the information obtained from informed sources inside and outside the country, which itself can include the information of the preliminary headquarters of the government in exile in the country and abroad and geographically, and this information can be increasingly interconnected. And to integrate the functions of government and political, military, security, economic, etc. services and other important matters of governing the country to be used. This underlying information not only strengthens the basic structure of the government headquarters in exile, but in the future, by implementing this comprehensive strategy model, will make cities a better place, make citizens more responsible, involved, and aware of it. It can be used to participate in the establishment of an interim government or in the future to form an established government. In fact, raising the knowledge environment between the people and the government so that ministries and organizations affiliated with the government and the private sector, as well as the people in the country, can quickly access information to make informed decisions together. For the government, this means simplifying work, reducing costs, and improving overall economic and social sustainability, which may, on the one hand, legitimize the proposed staff among the people and foreign governments, and on the other hand, given the role of performance. The illegality of the Islamic Republic among the people and foreign countries has led to the illegitimacy of that system. For example, the lack of public participation in voting in the recent elections in Iran.

The proposed strategy framework is also a mechanism for expressing and demonstrating national leadership by the people, nurturing heroes and developing the capacity of leaders among them to take positive action to achieve the vision of effective use of national and global information and developments to measure, monitor and Achieving sustainable social, economic and environmental development and so on. Therefore, paying attention to this strategy has led us to the important fact that in this comprehensive program, no one from different walks of life will be left behind.

While the emphasis in this context is on the needs of the nation and the future national government, this approach is applicable to other levels of the people and the functioning of the government, including at the local, regional, urban, provincial and national levels. The aim is to provide a comprehensive and attractive mechanism for cooperation, coordination and coherence throughout the country, including public and private institutions, in order to develop, strengthen and integrate institutions in the national administration for the development of Iran with regard to transparent and geographical information. Be.

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