Effective communication and interaction can build trust and constructive partnership with stakeholders. With the successes that are slowly being achieved at every step, we can encourage stakeholders to invest in solidarity and participation and overthrow the Islamic Republic and subsequently participate in the formation of the next government with free elections to finally see a democratic country. Communication and interaction increase the awareness and support of the community, businesses, professionals, decision makers and politicians about the importance of partnerships and the benefits of management at all levels.

Gaining a political and financial understanding of the need for integrated information and governance is a challenge from the local to the global level. An effective communication strategy and how it is implemented alone can not be used as a key strategy to ensure a successful national program. For this reason, in the previous sections, other strategic path structures and puzzle solving puzzles were mentioned. Taking a strategic and professional communication approach, telling inspiring and relevant stories, and finding the right heroes is generally not a familiar concept to political and social professionals and to the national and global community.

This chapter has been prepared as a strategic route for communication and interaction with the aim of helping to address this shortcoming. However, the strategic direction of communication and popular engagement and its interactions are quite important. For all communication programs and interactions, there are four common elements. These elements are needed to build commitment, mutual understanding and cooperation between stakeholders, and to successfully implement an integrated information and country framework.

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