It seems that if an independent communication and interaction steering group or a working group to guide communication processes and stakeholder participation
It will be very good and useful. This is because strengthening the integrated management of a complex and often large work program with
Consensus is long-term and requires concerted and focused efforts to sustain results
This group of independent governors, together with the board and / or the government coordination unit (refer to SP1), formulate and plan the strategy.
And guide the coordination of the communication and interaction program and regularly review its progress and effects. Real communication can
To be carried out by the Government Coordination Unit in Exile or on behalf of the Government Coordination Unit in Exile. This will be very useful and important
The steering group plans to communicate and interact with the government coordination unit and / or the board as part of the IHIF implementation.
Created, synchronized. This coordination includes regular and timely reporting. This group may need guidance and communication
Report to the board (see SP1).
The help group provides clear methods for different types of methods and information provided by different inter-organizational teams involved in the project.
Information is communicated to them, regulates. One of the most important responsibilities of the steering group is to ensure the communication of the main messages

To implement IHIF consistently in all stakeholder groups. This may include common names for all communication methods
Increase the profile of the program, create an atmosphere of trust and motivate stakeholders to be part of the solution
Internal communication
Internal communication benefits the staff of different groups and all because they all play a role in the successful implementation of IHIF. This includes
It is not only those who are directly responsible and participate in it successfully, but also all the people who are tangible in their efforts.
support. People who are influenced by the program and have a public interest also contribute to this success. Roles and
Board members’ responsibilities may not necessarily be predictable or even specific. Therefore, effective, inclusive and encouraging communication
Helps ensure that everyone has a basic level of vision, mission and goals and stakeholder engagement plan
And are users. With this approach, all groups and the government in exile want to achieve the future and the desired situation.
Internal communication can be done in several areas. For a national organization, it is important to pay attention to the employees of that group or party
The community can benefit from that group or party in a country (including state or local enterprises) and other individuals who with a common approach can
Create a specific goal to be formed. A strong voice of participation is often overlooked. There are compelling reasons
Consider the domestic community as a stakeholder group. Continuous messaging in an organization reinforces external messages
Slowly Employees, and especially stakeholders, need to be empowered with the same message. Therefore, they must be fully equipped to understand and master the message (s)
In order to be able to meet the information needs of wider sources than the government in exile and the country, organizations or groups and parties or subsequently
Provinces in the country may need to change. This change may be as conceptual as a change in a message
Demonstrate processes, skills, and outputs strategically or with new technologies. Employees need to be aware and understand that
Why change is happening and could probably be part of their work in the future. Because uncertainty can make change negative or inefficient
Give. For example, for many national organizational movements and the transition from a phenomenon, the development and skilledness of the workforce is the most important challenge.
We are facing the implementation of new capabilities to do work for new production or change and development. Internal communication for transformation
It is essential to change and reassure all groups and individuals instead of threats. It is also important that the organizational leadership of the government in exile
Can employ employees and individuals of all groups, parties and people and use collective abilities and energies

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