Netanyahu’s unprecedented warning: Hezbollah expands the war, together with Iran, they will receive blows that they have never dreamed of.

09 January 1402

In a rare warning to Lebanon’s Hezbollah and its main supporter, the Iranian government, Israel’s prime minister said that if this militant group expands the war, they, along with the Islamic Republic, will suffer blows they have never dreamed of.

According to the Reuters news agency, Benjamin Netanyahu said at a press conference in Jerusalem on Saturday, “There is a full-scale war going on. “We are fighting on all fronts and we have had significant successes, but we have also paid a painful price.”

He went on to quote the Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, who previously said that the war would continue for months, adding that “we are at the height of the war, we are fighting on all fronts, and it will take time to achieve victory.”

In mid-December, while visiting military forces near the Lebanese border, Netanyahu said, “If Hezbollah decides to start an all-out war, it will single-handedly turn Beirut and southern Lebanon into Gaza and Khan Yunis.”

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