Severe repression in universities by the Islamic Republic of Iran

“In several main universities of Iran, including Amirkabir (Polytechnic), “Sharif” (Aryamhar University of Technology) and Science and Industry, mob forces have appeared, which are said to be affiliated with the urban discipline patrol of Tehran Municipality.”

The duties of this range of people is to report the moment of different spaces of the universities and as soon as the “crime of obscenity” is announced, boys having piercings, girls wearing short coats and smoking, several teams from the security unit raid the relevant place and start confiscating students’ cards. ; These measures reached their peak during the closing hours of the university and the security guards chased the girls to the exit of the university when the university was quiet and prevented the students from leaving by informing the exit guard.

More than 50 cafes around Tehran University and 5 cafes around Amir Kabir University have been closed due to accusations such as “non-observance of hijab” and “networking against the Islamic Republic” so that the atmosphere around the university will be as quiet as possible because the security institutions in the last year They have understood that the university is the center of protests and they should be placed in an atmosphere of isolation and a cemetery so that any protests inside the universities do not spread outside them.

Idea Global Media Broadcasting Group,


Quoted from the Keyhan London

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