Government Formation Headquarters in Exile in Iran, the Iranian have come together with a new initiative approach based on the United Nations and Human Rights as well as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adhering to the following principles:

  1. Dismantling of the Islamic Republic, 2. an integrated Iran and respecting and protecting the territorial integrity of the country, 3. one nation, one flag, 4. respect all groups, parties and people without violence and insults, and respect the laws that will be passed and 5. Free elections and recognize the ballot box.

We, the educated and professional Iranians from inside and outside the country, commit to the prosperity of Iran and freedom to the Iranian nation. We can accomplish the above principles with the help of all ideas, international laws, and the incredible experiences as well as knowledge of elites. Therefore, we have proposed an innovative project to recall the nation and Iranian peoples’ pride, including protection and welfare of Iranians. We proposed and committed to establishing a government in exile.

We believe in working together to build an Iran with a better environment and a safer world for now and future generations.