National empowerment and a comprehensive government-in-exile strategic framework


As we know, our homeland Iran, for more than forty-one years, has been mismanaged by unscrupulous and the usurper regime. They have forced elites and many people to leave our country with often fraudulent political tricks, and therefore, as a result, the Islamic Republic government invaded natural and economic resources and occupied Iran. They have plundered Iran’s spirituality and starved our compatriots at the expense of strengthening the Islamic Ummah in other countries and strengthening extremist Islamist terrorist groups. Instead of defending Iran’s national identity and interests, they have interfered in the internal affairs of other countries and abused them. The use of Iran’s legal resources and income has been openly anti-secular, and with the lack of popular support, as has recently been revealed, they have won the lowest percentage (approximately 20%) in the last parliamentary elections. For this and for various reasons, this Islamic Republic government has no legitimacy among the largest population of the Iranian people both inside and outside of Iran, and to our knowledge, it is completely illegal. Now, can this government, which has no popular base and has imposed its weapons on the Iranian people by force, be considered legal? Human dignity is an inherent principle, and characteristic is based on human rights. Therefore, it is not a phenomenon, capacity and characteristic that can be used or abused by state-nations based on the rights of states. Governments cannot hide behind the wall of national sovereignty and harass, kill, and loot their citizens. Having said a new initiative and approach based on the United Nations Charter on Human Rights and emerging Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are adhering to the following principles: 1. Dismantling the Islamic Republic, 2. integrated Iran, respecting and protecting the territorial integrity of the country, 3. one nation, one flag, 4. respect to all groups and parties, and all people without violence and insults, and respect to the laws that will be passed and 5. Free elections and giving recognition to the ballot box.

We, the educated and professional Iranians from inside and outside the country, commit to the prosperity of Iran and freedom to the Iranian nation. We can accomplish the above principles with the help of all ideas, international laws, and the incredible experiences as well as knowledge of elites. Therefore, we have proposed an innovative project to recall the nation and Iranian peoples’ pride, including the protection and welfare of Iranians. We proposed and committed to establishing a Government in Exile (GiE).

The GiE is a government that can be formed outside its own territory. In other words, it is an opposition that has an estimate of its power to provide a democratic basis for the formation of an interim government after the collapse of the ruling occupying government in its country and considers this speculation credible and effective. Such oppositions insist on being independent and distinguishing themselves from dictatorial governments. Basically, this proposed GiE emphasizes to create a strategic guidance structure to empower national strength and a comprehensive strategic framework that cannot only play an important role in dismantling the Islamic Republic, but also in strengthening the government and developing stability of the country in various aspects like economy, health and welfare, work and labour, environment, education and capacity building and measurement, and other fields and building pillars of the country, including security and geography, natural resources and mining or technology and communications, as well as food security. They include 1. membership in a bilateral or international treaty, 2. preparing a platform for submitting a draft proposal for a constitution approved by the people’s representatives, 3. protection of the military, law enforcement and security forces, 4. efforts to get legitimacy and creditability as well as recognition among Iranian people and other countries, 5. issuance of new identification documents such as identification documents or identity cards, 6. permission to form new political parties, 7. preparation and holding of free elections.

Proposed strategic framework Proposed strategic framework for the formation of a government model of the GiE in various social and economic, educational, and technological fields and other issues such as participation, communication and interaction, media, policy and legal in general on the dismantling of the Islamic Republic government will be delivered. We formulated them based on the SDGs and the international community respects and the United Nations Human Rights. Therefore, given the emphasis of the SDGs, we expect that this proposal can automatically have a significant contribution to collecting the legitimacy among the Iranian people both inside and outside of Iran as well as international communities and governments. Also, human rights, which are based on human dignity, can be used as a hypothesis, and required tool to unite the nation-state.

What we proposed here is the use of the primary tools and resources that can be incorporated into the framework of the GiE’s proposal . These strategic pathways include the following and, in the end, explain the set of solving puzzles and solutions mentioned in each case: 1. Governance and institutions, 2. policy and legal, 3. partnerships and collaborations, 4. data and information, 5. Financial, 6. Standards, creditability, and legitimacy, 7. capacity building and education, 8. communication and interaction, 9. innovations and creativity, 10. media including radio and television and its transformation into private media in the way of securing national interests, 11. military and security and, 12. dismantling the Islamic Republic regime. We expect that the output, achievements, and results of the above strategic pathways in the integrated management of the government and the country can accomplish the following:

  1. Establish group leadership, governance model and institutional arrangements and explicit value propositions in all strategic directions for integrated government and country management.
  2. Plan the efficient coordination of government and national resources.
  3. Strengthen group leadership power, organizational guidelines, and political mechanisms.
  4. Create a suitable and popular platform for sharing multi-information, considering one nation, one flag.
  5. Mutual understanding of the value of integrated government and country management.
  6. With respect to the above, after doing so, we will eventually have field and survey preparation to accomplish the following:
  • Dismantling the Islamic Republic government,
  • form a unified government to confront the Islamic Republic,
  • gain legitimacy from the people (Iranians) inside and outside as well as other international governments and reflecting it in the national media,
  • defending the rights of the people and national interests at home and abroad in various fields,
  • creating a safe and healthy environment for a free and popular election,
  • provide a suitable environment and platform to establish an interim government and, if necessary, an established government,
  • make the required preparations to move towards the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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