The White House on the death of Armita Gravand: the violence supported by the Iranian government against the people shows the “fragility of the regime”

07 November 1402

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said in two consecutive messages on “X” channel on Sunday that the death of Armita Ground makes America more determined to hold the Islamic Republic accountable.

He wrote: “I realized with deep regret that Armita Gravand died after being beaten by the Irshad patrol for not wearing hijab in public.” The violence supported by the Iranian government against its own people is horrific and emphasizes the fragility of the regime.

Sullivan continued: The United States will continue to press for the restoration of the rights of women and girls and will cooperate with the international community to hold the Islamic Republic accountable for violating the human rights of the Iranian people.

Images published on social networks show that Armita Ground was buried on Sunday amid strict security measures in Behesht Zahra, Tehran.

“Dideban Iran” website wrote in a short report about the funeral ceremony that it is said that some people were arrested during the funeral ceremony of Armita Ground.

The published images show that the people who were able to pass through the security rings and participate in this ceremony were chanting “Armita Ruht Shad”.

Widespread reactions to the death of Armita Ground

Abram Pili, the US Deputy Special Envoy for Iran Affairs, announced on the morning of Saturday, November 6th, by publishing a post on “X” social media, that he was mourning the loss of Armita, a young girl, who was killed in the Tehran subway for not wearing a hijab at the beginning of this month. He was attacked and is now reportedly dead.

This senior American diplomat continued: “The violence supported by the Iranian government against women and girls has been devastating for many families inside and outside of Iran.”

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