Narges Mohammadi: Armita was sent to death because of “mandatory hijab”.

07 November 1402

In a post, Narges Mohammadi’s Instagram posted the Nobel Peace Prize winner’s reaction to the death of Armita Ground and quoted her as saying: “Armita, full of passion in our lives, because of her beautiful hair, which she did not intend to hide with the “mandatory hijab”. They sent him to death.”

In this Instagram post, it is emphasized that “no independent journalist was allowed to enter the army hospital. The active reporter was a government-affiliated reporter of the Islamic Republic of Iran Radio and Television, and the information sites were the IRGC sites.

According to Narges Mohammadi, the news of the “killing of Armita Ground” with the engineering of the security institutions, under the rubble of concealment, deception and lies of the “tyrannical misogynistic religious” government among the news of the war dead in the Middle East, was a lament among the ear-splitting screams.

This political activist emphasized that it was “a fire whose flames started from the murders of Mehsa, Nika, Sarina, Ghazaleh, etc.”

On Narges Mohammadi’s Instagram, it has been emphasized by quoting him: “Government, with its security claws, attacked that ‘crime’ so much that the ‘truth’ was buried under a pile of threats and deception.”

In the continuation of this text, it is stated that “when “truth” is buried and the oppressed are helpless, they do not cry out for “seeking justice”, but do not even cry for “pain”, death is the least “pain” and “suffering” of mankind. “Pain is actually a lie, trick and deception of the government.”

This year’s winner of the Nobel Peace Prize emphasized that “I will never forget the unjust death of Armita and I will not wear the “compulsory hijab” for her blood.”

Narges Mohammadi was born in 1351 in Zanjan and has been arrested and imprisoned many times in the last two decades. He is currently imprisoned in Iran for his activities in the field of human rights.

On Friday, October 14, the Nobel Peace Committee in Norway awarded the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize to Narges Mohammadi, a human rights activist imprisoned in Iran.

This award was given to Narges Mohammadi due to her decisive role in confronting the oppression of women in Iran, as well as her struggle to promote human rights and freedom for all.

Abram Pili, the US Deputy Special Envoy for Iran Affairs, published a post on “X” on the morning of Saturday, November 6, announcing that he was mourning the loss of Armita, a young girl who was attacked for not wearing a hijab in the Tehran subway earlier this month. He was taken and now he has died due to reports.

This senior American diplomat continued: “The violence supported by the Iranian government against women and girls has been devastating for many families inside and outside of Iran.”

Armita Gravand, a 16-year-old teenage girl, on the morning of the 9th of Mehr 1402, while going to school, in Tehran’s “Midan Shohdai” metro station, was attacked by an “Amer” force inside the car because she did not wear a mask and did not observe the government-mandated hijab. “Ba Maruf” and by pushing him, his head hit the edge of the train exit and he fell into a coma after fainting.

On October 13, the British newspaper “Guardian” published the words of two witnesses who say that as soon as Armita Ground got into the subway car, a woman officer of mandatory hijab started arguing with her because Armita, a 16-year-old girl, was not wearing a headscarf. A witness told this newspaper that Armita was still conscious when she fell to the ground.

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