Islamic Republic of Iran: The great hostage-taker !

In a situation where many foreign governments, especially Western ones, constantly warn their citizens about the dangers of traveling to Iran and the Middle East, on the one hand, the authorities of the Islamic Republic are seeking to lay the groundwork to provide easier conditions for foreigners to travel to Iran, and On the other hand, they have transferred the hostage virus to their affiliated terrorist militias.

The authorities of the Islamic Republic have spread a new trap to lure Iranians and foreigners to Iran. The same institutions that take hostages of dual nationals and foreigners after they travel to the country and even issue death sentences against them!
– A number of governments whose benefit is mediation between the Iranian regime and the United States regarding the exchange of hostages, are now advocating for the exchange of hostages held by Hamas. One of them is Qatar.

Idea Global media broadcasting group,

According to : Keyhan London

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