The sixteenth day of war; Israel prepares for a ground attack; Continuation of conflicts in the north and south of Israel.

* Netanyahu’s cabinet seeks to dissolve the Ministry of Diplomacy
The Times of Israel reported on the decision of Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet to hold a telephone vote of government members regarding the dissolution of Israel’s Ministry of “Public Diplomacy” and the transfer of this ministry’s funds for the reconstruction of damaged areas near the Gaza Strip.

Israeli government cabinet meeting On this basis, it is mentioned that the cabinet decision states that the budget of this ministry will be allocated to the reconstruction and preparation of border areas to provide the possibility of people’s residence. This decision will soon be presented to the Knesset to finalize the dissolution of this ministry. The terrorist attack of the Hamas militant group on the 15th of October, which resulted in the death of at least 1,400 people, was accompanied by a lot of violence, and the published images show that the militants supported by the Islamic Republic destroyed and burned the homes of Israeli citizens after mass killing and hostage taking.

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