The joint statement of the six countries of the world about the war between Israel and Hamas; emphasizing Israel’s right to defend itself and protect civilians.

* The New York Times has written that the Biden administration also wants to increase its readiness for any possible attack on American targets in the region by groups affiliated with the Islamic Republic. Two U.S. officials told the newspaper that the message was conveyed to Israel through the U.S. defense secretary, who speaks almost daily with Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. The New York Times emphasized that Gallant’s spokesperson did not confirm this. In addition, US President Joe Biden had another conversation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday. This newspaper wrote that American officials are concerned that the continued delay of the ground invasion will lead to the abuse and further preparation of allies and proxies of the Islamic Republic. The report emphasized that the United States continues to support Israel’s goal “to destroy the terrorist group Hamas” in the wake of the deadly October 7 attack.

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