exclusive; Israel’s Special Representative: The “killer regime” of the Islamic Republic, like Hamas, has taken the people hostage.

* Michal Cutler-Wunsch, Israel’s special representative for countering anti-Semitism, says that Iranian people, unlike the ruling regime in Iran, know better than anyone what the danger of negotiating and appeasing with a murderous regime that seeks to destroy their foundations; Because such a regime wants to take life and freedom and build a caliphate instead.
He added: Like Hamas, the Islamic Republic has taken people hostage.

In an exclusive interview with Voice of America’s Farsi section on October 26, Ms. Cutler-Wunsch said about the Israel-Hamas war: “A good sign to be able to enter into a conversation with someone is to see if the ability to condemn the events of 15 Has the seal or not? If someone cannot condemn the atrocities that happened on 15 Mehr, or wants to justify those tragedies, then the other party is on the side of those who carried out the attack.

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Cyrus Kangerlu

According to V.O.A

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