*Michael Pargent, a senior Middle East analyst at the Hudson Washington think tank, says that none of the “Islamic terrorist organizations” supported by Tehran are capable of wreaking havoc in the Middle East without the approval of the Iranian regime and without the “appeasement of the Biden administration.” Michael Pergent, in an exclusive conversation with the Persian section of Voice of America, referring to Sunday’s Wall Street Journal report and the claim of “the meeting of some commanders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps with the leaders of Hamas in Lebanon,” said: “We actually do not need documentary evidence about the giving of lights.” We don’t have any preparation for such an attack, because we know that the capabilities of Hamas, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad all come from the policies of the Islamic Republic in Iran.” Criticizing the words of the US Secretary of State and the spokesperson of the White House National Security Council regarding the fact that “there is no document that shows that Iran has used the location of six billion dollars to financially support Hamas attacks on Israel”, he noted: “The Republic “Islami has no need to obtain this six billion dollars to support this attack because they have actually taken a guaranteed and final loan that they can spend internally and fund terrorism from their other sources.” This senior Middle East analyst at the Hudson think tank accused the US government of trying to cover up the destructive actions of the Islamic Republic and noted: “The current US government wants to cover up Iran’s role in this attack because everyone knows that Hamas has the ability to launch rockets or kidnap. and it is not necessary for Iran to directly play a role in it. Michael Pergent called the residents of Gaza the victims of the Islamic Republic’s plan and Hamas’s war-mongering and said: “With the aim of isolating Hamas, Israel shuts down the flow of water and electricity to Gaza, on the other hand, Hamas does not leave the civilians, neither the residents of Gaza nor those who takes hostages, keeps them all in the same places where it is supposed to be attacked, so that if Israel attacks, these attacks will result in casualties. And finally drag Israel into a war that will involve Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Iraq’s Hashd al-Shaabi and Fatemiyoun on a larger scale, and according to the Iranian regime’s plan, it will involve all the Arab countries and distance them from the truth of peace with Israel.” Meanwhile, John Kirby, the coordinator of strategic communications of the White House, said on Monday that although the United States still does not have information or proof of the direct participation of the Islamic Republic in the attacks of the Hamas group on Israel, “but the Iranian regime, as it has long been It supports Hamas and other terrorist networks throughout the region by training capabilities and providing resources, it is a partner in crime.

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