“Republicans continue to criticize the Pentagon; immediately suspend Arian Tabatabai’s security clearance

07 Mehr 1402

In a letter to the US Department of Defense, a number of Republican members of the US House of Representatives asked the Pentagon to clarify about its employee Arian Tabatabai and his cooperation and connections with the Islamic Republic.

Elise Stefanik, a Republican representative of the House of Representatives, announced on her website on Friday, October 7 that, along with a number of other congressional lawmakers, while expressing their anger at the employment of Ms. Tabatabai in the Ministry of Defense, they wrote in a letter to Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense of the United States: “This “It is shocking and unacceptable that the Ministry of Defense employs a person who had close cooperation with the Iranian regime and was present in organizations that were used by the Iranian regime as a tool to expand its influence during the JCPOA negotiations.”

In this letter, the legislators considered the allegations that one of the current employees of the Ministry of Defense cooperated with Tehran to advance their narratives as an obvious failure of the Ministry of Defense to properly investigate its employees and asked the Ministry of Defense to immediately suspend the security clearance of Mrs. Tabatabai. and present the results of his research on this issue in full to the American people.”

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