* The leader of the Islamic Republic said that the governments that, according to him, set the “gambling of normalizing relations” with Israel as a model for their work, “will suffer because this regime is going away and they are betting on a losing horse.”

* Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant also said in response to Ali Khamenei’s words: “The murderous terrorist regime in Iran has already succeeded in collapsing several countries under its control, and now it wants to destroy efforts to achieve peace with empty threats.” ” He added: “The Islamic Republic will continue its actions to spread terror and destruction, and Israel will continue to achieve security for its citizens, and peace in the Middle East.” The prospect of a peace agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia with the mediation of the United States has increased in recent weeks. According to the White House, there is now a “basic framework” for such an agreement.

* Vedant Patel further added: “The United States has a constructive relationship with some of these countries, including Israel and Saudi Arabia, and the establishment of relations between the Arab countries of the region and Israel is very effective in confronting and fighting against the destructive and destabilizing activities of the Iranian regime in the region. Will have.”

*Cyrus Kangarlu,

Idea news site,

quoted by VOA

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