Strategic path measures are recommended as a tool to achieve the four main elements of communication and interaction. Special actions
The government in the proposed deportation or country may be influenced by factors such as its priorities, capabilities, national conditions, resources, culture
And other applications. These statements affect the implementation approaches of each strategic path and the actions related to them. To
Ease of use, especially to assist parties and groups and the country in the early stages of development and strengthening national management arrangements, measures in
A sequential step-by-step structure is presented. A roadmap showing this order and where actions normally occur
Falls and ends in, shown in Figure 4

However, it is acknowledged that all parties, groups, provinces, and countries, depending on their composition and priorities, as well as national priorities
Existing, they may want to start their actions at different stages along the way and in a different sequence. Therefore, the map
A simpler structural approach is also provided in Figure 5. Some actions may have reciprocal or pre-defined actions that
Must be done before taking practical action. These intertwined actions are also shown in Figure 4 and Figure 5
Whatever the implementation approach, for each action, the guiding principles should be considered in the previous section. Because these are packages that
Described to achieve effective and efficient information management
Measures for communication and interaction are divided into six categories
Provide leadership.
Understanding opportunities.
Adjust the direction.
Create an action plan.
Monitor progress.
The value of communicating.
The following steps are commonly used to bridge the gap in functionality. These actions serve as tips for development
Capacity and capabilities to strengthen integrated management processes and systems

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