Communication and interactions
This strategic path determines the identification of stakeholders. Interaction of parties, different groups, users and people through communication
Strategic for the successful achievement of an integrated information management arrangement at the national and provincial levels for before and after the overthrow
The Islamic Republic and especially for the sustainable development of social, military and security, political, cultural, economic and environmental and other issues
It is necessary in the country. Aim to ensure effective communication and interaction to strengthen and deepen the participation and participation of all stakeholders at all levels

Is. Commitment, mutual understanding, cooperation and communication for the successful implementation of an integrated national framework in organizations and with stakeholders
.It is essential

Effective communication and interaction can build trust and constructive partnership with stakeholders. With successes that slow down at every step
Stakeholders can be encouraged to invest in solidarity and participation and overthrow the Islamic Republic and subsequently participate in
Form a future government with free elections and finally have its applications. Communication and interaction increase awareness and support
Society, businesses, professionals, decision makers and politicians are aware of the importance of partnerships and management benefits at all levels.
Gaining a political and financial understanding of the need for integrated information and governance is a challenge from the local to the global level.
Is facing. An effective communication strategy and how to implement it alone can not be a key strategy to ensure
Use a successful national program. For this reason in the previous sections to other strategic path structures and puzzle solving puzzles
it was pointed out. Take a strategic and professional communication approach, tell inspiring and relevant stories, and find the right heroes.
In general, it is not a familiar concept for political and social experts and the national and global community
This chapter has been prepared as a strategic route for communication and interaction with the aim of helping to address this shortcoming. Yet quite the path
Strategic communication and public engagement and its interactions are important. For all communication programs and interactions, four
There is a common and main element. These elements are used to create commitment, mutual understanding and cooperation between stakeholders and successful implementation
An integrated information and country framework is required. The four elements (Figure 1) are:

Stakeholders and Interactions – Stakeholder interactions and users and people actually build relationships and alliances with fans, partners, users and
Identifies and develops third parties. The participation of the people, shareholders and users in all areas must be ongoing
Because interests, needs, and motivations are varied and constantly evolving over time.

Messaging and Interaction Strategy – Messaging and Interaction Strategy to Develop and Transmit Relationships for Clear and Convincing Messages
To all audiences and at all levels. Creating in-game support must exist through an approach
Continuously maintained in order to share and receive information effectively

Communication Strategy, Programs, and Methods – To influence perception, support the importance and adoption of communication, and
Interactions, integrated information required. An effective communication program and efficient methods tailored to your interests and needs
Stakeholders can work for a country through a communication strategy and forward-looking interaction by different groups and parties and people
Achieve a unified and strong

Monitoring and Evaluation – Practical measures to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of communication and engagement strategies
People and parties, messages, programs and methods are used. This mechanism for continuous improvement and ensuring communication and
The interaction of people and parties accelerates with the passage of time and also remains strategic, purposeful and effective.

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